Enseignant :   Liberato Guarino___________________     Niveau : Tous les niveaux_____________


Matière :        Tous les matières       Période : Semaine du  May 30th______________





Durée du devoir (min.)

Anglais 101






- Prepare an oral scene from the Oliver Twist play.

-The past in Stepping stones

- Come to class with the script prepared to present

- review the notes I had given you on the past.

30 minutes

Histoire 101







Révision..les pages ont été ciblé en classe.

35 minutes a chaque soir

Anglais 201 et 202






-         Prepare the oral on your story in the action magazine.


Read your chosen play for the next class.


Read Chapters 4-5-6 of Ice Princess and be ready for a comprehension quiz.


30 minutes

Anglais 301







-         Written productions: Topics to be decided in class.

- Tidy up your notes on Bring it on 1 and 2.

60 minutes

Anglais 401







Grammar: Additions SO, TOO, NEITHER, EITHER

- Provincial oral and written production.

Read Ch 14-15 Of Raise Your Voice.

60 minutes


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