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Pru FlagPeru (2004)


Peru is one of South America’s most diverse and historically rich countries, with a wide variety of terrain and millennia-old civilizations. The descendants of the Inca still live in Peru and have preserved their traditions, their language (Quechua) and their characteristic geniality. Unfortunately, successive earthquakes have plunged many Peruvians into difficult times. Countless homes have been ravaged and many families find themselves without shelter. Drinking water is in short supply, with one pump for every 1,000 families and water that needs to be boiled before drinking.

The Sisters of Charity of Saint Mary have pledged to come to the aid of families in need. They also help children with their school work and prepare one free meal a day to them in a dining room near the parish. A room has also been made available to provide support to the elderly.

Institutions and services in Peru

  • Catechesis and evangelization
  • Parish and vocation ministry
  • Distribution of free meals to disadvantaged children
  • Assistance with school work (children from El Comedor)
  • Work with the elderly
  • Youth group meetings


Daily living
Dining hall
Our work
The elderly
Vocation ministry

National statistics

Capital : Lima
Population : 27 000 000
Density : 21.1/km2
Number of physicians (per 1,000 pop.) : 0,93
GDP per capita ($) : 4 990
Public spending on education (% total GDP) : 3,4
Rate of postsecondary education (%) : 25,8

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